Botox® is a protein that helps relax the muscles and can effectively reduce wrinkles in the skin. The treatment is used for reversing the signs of aging and is temporary. For permanent results, one has to undergo surgeries. If you wish to maintain the benefits of Botox® or wish to preserve its results, then you will have to avail regular treatments. Botox® treatment can help you in many other ways like:

  • Treatment of high lip lines.
  • Helping to adjust new dentures.
  • Assistance in TMJ and teeth grinding issues.
  • It helps to reduce swollen faces and excessive sweating.
  • It also can enhance and reshape your smile.


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What are the advantages of dental Botox®?

Several problems related to oral health can be treated with dental Botox® at Springs Dental clinic like:

  • It can reduce the headache and facial pain caused due to teeth grinding or TMJ disorder.
  • It can help with solving gummy smile problems caused by over-retracted upper lips.
  • It reduces wrinkles and gives you a smoother facial appearance.

We have experienced dentists and the latest equipment to help you with all-around oral issues. To know more about the Botox® treatment, give us a call today!