If a tooth is lost or needs extraction, the resulting gap can be closed with a bridge. To do this, the teeth that are supposed to support the bridge must be firm. Herein, the dentist grinds the two neighboring teeth, crowns them, and connects them with a metal bridge. The bridge visually adapts to the row of teeth; it can be veneered with ceramic or made of all-ceramic. To protect neighboring teeth that are still intact, adhesive bridges can be used in certain cases- such an awesome and pain-free process.

A bridge is a fixed denture firmly set in the oral cavity to replace one or more missing teeth.


  • Fill the missing teeth, prevent the adjacent teeth from shifting, and avoid irregular teeth and an abnormal bite.
  • Restore the functions of chewing, articulation, and maintaining the appearance of teeth.


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Types of Dental bridge

  • A traditional dental bridge uses the crown dental bridge ends adjacent to the right and left set teeth, fixed dental bridge.
  • A single-ended fixed bridge has only one end secured to the adjacent teeth, just as a springboard for hanging.
  • The resin-bonded bridge uses adhesive to both sides of the bridge through the adjacent teeth’ metal sheet bonding process to a fixed dental bridge.

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