Emergency Dentistry

Emergency dentistry is a treatment carried out in conditions where you need to seek immediate dental care to save a tooth or free you from pain.
Dental trauma is the injury of a tooth and the adjacent structures (teeth, bone, soft tissue) by force. The injury to the front teeth is known as anterior tooth trauma. The front teeth include the incisors (central, lateral) and the canines in the upper and lower jaw. The upper incisors are most affected, while the canines or lower incisors are rarely affected. The most common causes of dental trauma are accident, punch, fall, kick, bump or fall. It is advisable to consult a dentist after an anterior tooth trauma.
In the case of tooth accidents, a distinction is made between tooth fractures and tooth avulsion, tooth dislocations, tooth compression (contusions), tooth loosening, changes in the position of the teeth (dislocation).


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Different types of dental emergencies

Tooth fractures

The tooth fractures are divided into

  • Crown fractures without pulp involvement
  • Crown fractures with pulp involvement
  • Crown-root fractures with and without pulp involvement
  • Transverse root fractures

Tooth avulsion

The Zahnavulsion (total dislocation, complete dislocation) is the most serious dental injury to the patient because the tooth is completely lost. When a tooth is completely knocked out, the tooth can be replanted into the jaw since intact teeth that have been completely lost can indeed grow in again. It is important to find the lost tooth. Two prerequisites must be met for successful implantation: (a) a short period (approx. Half an hour) between the accident and the re-implantation, and storage in a tooth rescue box so that the tooth does not dry out, and (b) an undamaged fiber portion on the tooth root.

Tooth compression, tooth dislocation, tooth loosening, changes in the position of the teeth (dislocation)

If a tooth is loosened or pressed in during an accident, the dentist can use a splint to bring the affected tooth into the correct position.

Our dentist attends to these cases with immediate effect because any delays can cause permanent damages or require you to undergo more expensive and complicated treatment procedures later on. So, whenever you feel excruciating pain in your teeth, a foreign object between the teeth causing you pain, or your teeth are bleeding, find your way to our dental clinic, and you will be attended immediately.