Nightguards, which are quite like mouthguards, works by putting a space between the teeth. It gives cushion to the jaw muscles, which prevents pain in the Face and the jaw, protects the teeth’ enamel, and is worn while sleeping.
Nightguards are different from Splints, Splints are worn all the time, but the night guard is worn at night to prevent the jaw’s clenching. It can be used to treat temporomandibular disorders TMD. At Springs Dental, we customize different Nightguards- the Soft Nightguards and the Hard Nightguards with different fits- something you will feel comfortable wearing.


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When do you need nightguards?

Bruxism can cause headaches, tooth or jaw pain, and that is when you would need nightguards. Mild teeth clenching is common among people of all ages, but if you have the below symptoms, ask your dentist if you have bruxism.

  • Chipped teeth.
  • Waking-up with pain the head, neck or ear region.
  • Jaw inflammation due to teeth clenching.
  • Chronic grinding issues.

Maintaining nightguards is also very easy- wash it before and after each use. Don’t use hot water; store the appliance in a container, and check it regularly.

Please book an appointment with our dentist to know your mouth impressions and get the best-fitted Nightguard from Springs Dental Clinic.