Gingival Contouring

Do your gums cover a large portion of the teeth? Does your smile look unbalanced? Gingival contouring is your option; it is the gum line’s reshaping; it is the cutting off or removing excess gum around the teeth.
Visit our dental clinic today to get your smile fixed because every gum line is different; some are high, some are low, and some are in between; some can even be bumpy, more reasons you need to see our dentist. Our dentist will use a soft tissue laser or scalpel to remove excess gum tissue and reshape the gum line to reveal more teeth. Anesthesia is given before the procedure begins; this will numb your gums so you won’t feel pain while the dentist works on your mouth. After the gingival contouring is done, your smile will look even and balanced.


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What are the benefits of gingival contouring?

The advantages of gingival contouring are as follows:

  • An uneven smile can make you self-conscious about your overall facial appearance. Gingival contouring helps in restoring your confidence and gives you a beautiful smile you have always wanted.
  • Gingival contouring yields excellent results when paired with other cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening.
  • It is a great procedure for patients suffering from gum recession, which is a sign of a periodontal issue.
  • Gingival contouring is an advanced and minimally invasive procedure, which means more of your natural teeth are preserved.

We perform gum contouring quickly, painlessly, and by the most experienced dentist. Visit Springs Dental clinic today and book an appointment with our dentist.