Porcelain Crowns

A porcelain crown is a metal-ceramic tooth crown placed on the tooth if it is badly damaged but still has a root. If the tooth doesn’t have a root, Springs Dental clinic offers the dental implants service; our dentist will fix the root, followed by grinding the tooth and placing a partial or full crown on the root.
Porcelain crowns use metal as the crown’s inner layer, which is then sintered on the metal’s surface with a dental ceramic material at high temperatures. Metal linings are nothing more than two types of stainless steel and gold alloy. Why is it lined? Early porcelains were not hard enough and needed to be “backed up.” To put it bluntly, a porcelain crown is a layer of porcelain “plated” on the outside of the “big steel teeth” or “big gold teeth.”


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All about porcelain crown

The “big steel teeth” porcelain-plated type has a higher chance of gum discoloration. After a few years, the grey line of the gums is obvious, similar to heavy metal poisoning.
The porcelain-plated “Big Golden Teeth” is slightly better. Because the teeth are also light yellow, the gold alloy is not easily oxidized, and there is no problem with the gray gum line.
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