For people with multiple missing teeth or a completely toothless jaw, or you have undesirable misaligned teeth, you need a denture. Dentures are artificial teeth and gum that are formed in the mouth; they are removable. These are used to replace missing teeth and can be removed and put back into the mouth. There are two types of dentures: full dentures and partial dentures. The dentist will help choose the most suitable denture type based on the patient’s specific situation and the corresponding cost.

After a while, dentures need to be re-adjusted, re-made, or relocated according to normal wear and tear. Refitting the dental tray means making a new dental tray while maintaining the existing dentures. Besides, over time, the oral cavity will naturally change. These changes can cause dentures to loosen, cause difficulty in chewing, and even irritate the gums. Visit your Springs Dental dentist at least once a year for oral examinations.


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How do dentures work?

Full dentures are made by attaching flesh-colored acrylic teeth to the gums. The upper dentures’ trays cover the upper jaw (the top of the mouth), and the lower dentures are shaped like horseshoes to fit the tongue. Dentures need to be customized in the dental laboratory based on the patient’s oral impression. The dentist will determine which of the three types of dentures listed below is the most suitable.

  • Traditional full-mouth dentures- Traditional full-mouth dentures require all the remaining teeth to be extracted and wait for the corresponding tissues to heal before they can be put into the mouth. It may take several months to heal, during which time the patient has no teeth.
  • Ready-to-install full dentures- Ready-to-install full dentures need to be inserted immediately after the remaining teeth are extracted (the dentist will measure and make the jaw model during the patient’s last visit). Although the ready-to-fit dentures do not have to suffer from toothlessness, the patient must re-adjust the shape after a few months of installation. The reason is that the bones that support the teeth will deform as the scars heal, causing the dentures to loosen.
  • Partial dentures- Partial dentures are mounted on metal frames attached to natural teeth. Sometimes, crowns are attached to certain natural teeth as anchor points for dentures. Partial dentures provide a removable bridge alternative.