Misaligned teeth can harm the quality of a smile. The Invisalign brace is a new method of bringing the teeth into shape in an almost invisible way; it is a removable transparent aligner, in contrast to the fixed braces that cannot be removed by oneself and are visible.

Is there a gap? A crooked situation? No problem.
Invisalign uses a clear, customized series of aligners that comfortably aligns your teeth when you wear them.Pop in a new set of aligners every two weeks, and your teeth will gradually shift to make your smile perfect.


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How does it work?

Invisalign is a better, more modern way to straighten out your teeth. Invisalign alignment is almost invisible, so your friends may not even know you are wearing them.
The Invisalign braces are completely removable, allowing you to eat all your favorite foods whenever you want. It also means that you can easily brush and floss your teeth, ensuring better oral hygiene.
Visit Springs Dental Clinic today to know if you are the right candidate for Invisalign©.  It is a comfortable way of aligning your teeth.