Extractions & Bone Graft

It is better to remove an impacted tooth before it affects the surrounding teeth. After the tooth is extracted, the dental bone loss is then fixed using bone grafting. Bone grafting is a procedure done to replace the bone loss in the jaw that is anchoring the teeth using one or more different bone grafting options. If you have missing teeth or bones in your upper jaw, the bone graft will be able to stimulate the bone growth needed to reshape the jaw and prepare for dental implants. These implants are used to replace missing teeth.


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Conditions that need to be met for bone grafting

  • Good bio compatibility is a bone dental implant requirements to be met.
  • The ability to restore the normal shape and function of the bone in the defect area is also a requirement for dental implants and bone grafts.
  • It is also important to have an osteoinductive or osteoconductive effect.
  • The absorption rate of bone graft material is coordinated with the formation of new bone; otherwise, the bone graft material absorbs too fast, leading to osteogenesis. So choose high-quality materials for bone graft surgery.

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