Gum Treatment

The earliest stage of gum disease, also known as gingivitis, is caused due to the inflammation of tissues surrounding your teeth. Poor dental hygiene is one of the main causes of gingivitis, and if not treated on time, the condition can eventually lead to severe periodontal issues. Some of the warning signs of gum problems include:

  • Red and swollen gums.
  • If you notice blood while brushing.
  • The gums become tender.
  • Bad taste and mouth odor.

Gingivitis is caused when plaque (mixture of food debris and saliva) forms on your gum line. Brushing your teeth can remove it, but the plaque hardens to form tartar if that is not done. The hard tartar can only be removed by professional cleaning.


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What are the available gum treatments?

At Springs Dental Clinic, we offer a wide range of gum treatments depending on the severity of gingivitis issues:

  • Oral hygiene- To remove plaque from your teeth, make sure you brush and floss twice a day. For added benefits, do not forget to use mouthwash.
  • Deep cleaning– Gum disease causes a space or gap between your teeth and gums, where tartar and plaque can become trapped. Cleaning below the gum line removes this build-up. Deep cleaning involves gum scaling and root planing. It usually takes place over two or more visits and involves gum scaling and root planing.
  • Flap surgery– It is done when you have severe gum problems. Here your dentist will lift your gum and remove the tartar from there. It also helps in reducing the periodontal pockets.
  • Bone grafting– It helps to rebuild the damaged bone and gum tissues weakened by periodontitis.

If you have problems with your gums, contact our dental clinic today for the best gum treatment.