Sinus Lift

A sinus lift is a procedure used to increase the size and density of the maxilla. This surgery is required when there is not enough bone tissue to place dental implants such as crowns, bridges, or artificial molars in the back of the mouth. Sinus lift surgery involves:

  • Cutting a space in the upper gum
  • Manually repositioning the maxillary sinus above the cheek.
  • Transplanting excess bone tissue to the jaw.

The procedure can usually be completed in less than two hours, and the patient is usually allowed to go home on the day of the operation. It has a high success rate and almost no risk of complications.

Not everyone who needs dental implants needs sinus shift surgery. Most people of all ages have enough natural bone tissue to implant the implant without manipulating the upper jaw properly. People who have been missing teeth for several years and the elderly are most likely to need this procedure. During the initial consultation, the dentist will perform X-ray examinations to determine the density of bone tissue and the size and location of the maxillary sinus. He or she can interpret the X-ray results and outline the risks and benefits of sinus lift surgery.


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All about the surgery

The excess bone tissue needed for sinus lift surgery may come from a deceased donor, another part of the patient’s body, or a synthetic calcium solution. When using bones from the human body, it is usually obtained from the hip bones. Although the collection of natural bone tissue requires additional surgery and recovery time, it is more likely to be repaired correctly with the jaw than with donor or synthetic tissue.

The grafted bone tissue begins to grow in time with the existing jaw bone. The bones in the patient’s body will harden in about six months, while the donor tissue may take up to a year. During the recovery period, patients are usually given painkillers and scheduled regular check-ups. Once X-rays show that the bones have completely healed, dental implants can be scheduled. Visit Springs Dental clinic today to know more.